pk24® EN

What is pk24®?

Pk24® is the first and only cream clinically proven and formulated to tone and rejuvenate the vaginal walls, helping to restore their elasticity, increasing the sensation of contact and pleasure, the quality and quantity of orgasms

How does pk24® work?

Pk24® contains a special mixture of ingredients that, when in contact with the vaginal walls, achieve a moisturizing and tension effect, which increases the sensations and pleasure during sexual intercourse.pk24® creates a toning effect or tensor (tightening effect) inside the vaginal walls, allowing women to experience the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation without the risks, recovery and costs of invasive surgery.

What are the main ingredients of pk24?

Natural ingredients such as the aloe barbadensis leaf, Glycerin, a natural moisturizing ingredient, Alum Potassium, a natural mineral and natural flavor to Cherry.

What are The results?

During the clinical trials:

  • 89% of the women reported an increase in the level of excitement during sexual activity
  • 45% reported a higher frequency of orgasm or “climax" and
  • 78% reported an increase in satisfaction and sexual relationship with your partner.